Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide idea's
Idea's for a checklist of materials and necessities in case of emergency;

Just to be prepared for an emergency, plan for public safety risks such as earthquakes, evacuation, power outages, floods at lower altitudes closer to sea level and
Severe storms, even in the possibility of a chaotic situation and mad panic in the city in an event of evacuation or even tyranny.

Survival guide, emergency kit, packaged dehydrated meat or protein, cooking kit, sewing kit, first aid kit, thread, gauze, tape, rope, water, food, dehydrated foods, canned foods, energy bars, manual can-opener, utensils, pocket knife, water purification tablets, mylar aluminum cover sheet, magnifying glass, magnesium and ferrocerium block with spark striker bar and cotton balls is a good firestarter, cable saw or mini hand saw, hatchet, needed tools, hunting and safety equipment*, fishing rod, hooks, line and sinker, water container, lightweight cooking kit.
Solar, crank or battery powered powered devices, flashlight, batteries, a compass, cash and coins, gold, silver, candles, matches or lighters, firestarter equipment,
Non military style clothing for travel, tent and sleeping bag or blanket and roll for the bush.
A knife in sheath with folding blade up to 3" blade which is not concealed and on a belt holster is legal, firearms licenses and permits, firearms, ammo.

pre-Map a possible evacuation route to safety, google maps , our google map

Water filter straw
LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter with Two-Stage Carbon Filtration
Product Details:

The LifeStraw® Steel personal water filter builds upon the ingenuity intrinsic to the original LifeStraw® personal water filter with a durable, sleek steel exterior and 2-stage water filtration process. It is ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, and travel. The hollow fiber membrane will filter out virtually all bacteria and protozoa.
The LifeStraw® Steel has the additional benefit of an activated carbon capsule which reduces chemicals such as chlorine, organic compounds (such as pesticides and herbicides), odor and bad taste

A charcoal base with a cotton filter would work but just to be sure, see the many methods for filtering water.
Water Purification: Filters, Purifiers and Tablets - Cabela's

Emergency water filtration - Amazon
https://www.amazon.ca - water filtration
emergency water filtration tablets - Amazon
https://www.amazon.ca - water filtration tablets

gOOgle *water purification tablets;

Portable water purifiers on Google
Survival food canada - Food kits; on Google

If roads are blocked be ready to hit the bush,
Plan a route with google if internet and electricity or battery power is still available, see your satellite view and where you can travel to if need be.
Consider altitude - distance above sea level on google earth;
Zoom from space to see street level, tour the world, find maps, restaurants, zoom in to see your backyard...
gOOgle earth online...

Happy trails to you, Until we meet again, Happy trails to you, Keep smiling until then.
Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Dusty Rogers.

Practice up with;
Survival traps and snares - Survival traps and snares

Tying Knots, knowing knot styles - Tying the knot

*survival guide - wilderness survival , traps , snares , food & cooking , edible wild plants;
<- http://longlakelodge.ca/hunterspage.htm#emergencysurvival

MORSE CODE; . . . _ _ _ . . . = SOS, see morsecode.htm

*Hunter Safety practice test;
http://longlakelodge.ca/hunterspage.htm#Test ->

mylar aluminum cover sheet
Emergency foil blankets also known as space blankets, emergency camping blankets or mylar foil blankets.
Mylar aluminum safety blanket;
https://www.google.ca/#q=mylar+aluminum+safety+blanket ->

Tying the Knot - Boating
Tying The Knot

How to tie the knot
Animated Knots by Grog - Tie knots the fun and easy way
Tying the Knot - Fishing

Survival traps and snares
Walter Muma, A sourceful white man in the Native Indian community
Wilderness Survival techniques at Wildwood Survival;
Disclaimer , Wildwood Survival , Wilderness Survival , Traps , Snares , Food & Cooking , Edible Wild Plants .
Leatherwood Trail

The Wildwood Canada group - Walter Muma
Wildwood Survival, Stone Age Skills, Wildwood Tracking, Tracking Quiz, Tracker Trail, Leatherwood Trail,
James Bay Road, Route de la Baie James, Rupert River, Trans-Labrador, Hwy Moped Trip,
Ontario Wildflowers, Ontario Trees & Shrubs, Ontario Ferns, Ontario Grasses, Ontario Insects, World of Mosses,
Wildwood Canada, Mumart, Wild Ontario, Ontario Trackers, Orangeville Trackers, Wildwood Trackers, Earth Caretaker

Emergency Food Rations

3600C Datrex Emergency Food Rations, (Case of 10)


Food Rations

Fire Starter - Magnesium block with spark striker bar
Coleman Magnesium Fire Starter Magnesium and Ferrocerium - Ferro Rod
Magnesium Fire Starters
All purpose firestarter is waterproof and fireproof in solid form.
By Coleman
Fire Steel / Fire Starter by Coleman
Magnesium and Ferrocerium - Ferro Rod
Everyday Tactical Vids
If you have been out in the woods and are cold, you know how vital getting a fire can be.
Here's a look at a Coleman fire starter.

Altitude Sports
Coleman - Magnesium Fire Starter


Fire made by scraping magnesium from the block into a small pile and using a knife or metal scraper tool to strike the ferro rod into the magnesium pile, then use brush, twigs to continue the flames. fire.

Hunter Education
Canadian Firearms Safety Course Materials / Manuals
Firearms Law Canada / non-restricted and restricted firearms manuals
Firearms Law Canada, the premier Canadian firearms law, policy and resource site, Ottawa criminal defence lawyer
Solomon Friedman,

Student Handbook

Canadian Firearms Safety Course - longlakelodge.ca/ CFSC-Manual.pdf (rifles)
Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - longlakelodge.ca/ CRFSC-Manual.pdf (handguns)

Animal Tracks
Hunting, Know the types of animal tracks / footprints / tracks
see hunterspage.htm#CFSCM