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Outboard motor service or repairs done on site
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Preventative and performance outboard motor maintenance or improvements recommended

Before the next season,
- use clean fuel with the right oil mixture
, check fuel tank for sediment, if water in fuel line is a concern install a water-separator primary filter in line between the tank and the engine, check in-line “trash filter” before the carburetors
- inspect spark plugs and replace when necessary
- check the water pump impeller for damage
- check cooling intakes for blockage
- lower unit gear lubricant / change annually.
- inspect the old oil for metal fragments and if found, disassemble gearbox for inspection and repair.
- inspect old oil for evidence of water intrusion and if found, replace seals at propshaft, drive shaft and shift rod.

Water pump impeller / replacement every two years (requested by manufacturers)
- Inspect pump housing, and replace if scored or damaged.
- Inspect old impeller for missing pieces and if found, remove thermostat housing and water jacket cover if necessary, to recover the liberated material.
- Powerhead / annual inspection
- Inspect engine wiring for corrosion, burned/chafed/missing insulation. Check all connections for tightness.
- Inspect fuel lines for signs of aging.

- Check all fasteners for tightness, torque to manufacturer specification if necessary.
- Clean and inspect throttle, shift, spark advance linkages, lubricate according to manufacturer recommendations.
- Starter motor (if equipped) - apply two drops of light oil to the bendix gear threads.
- Test overtemp warning horn or light (if equipped).

Outboard motor

Power requirements
Overpowering is a dangerous condition, Underpowering often results in a boat that is incapable of performing in the role for which it was acquired to meet the recommended horsepower for the hull.
A motor with less than 75% of the maximum will most likely result in unsatisfactory performance.

Vessel Capacity Label
On every outboard powered-driven vessel Capacity Label, the following ratings are specified:
- Recommended maximum load capacity for that vessel;
- Recommended number of adult persons to be carried on the vessel;
- Recommended maximum safe limit of engine power.

Transport Canada shipping act
Canada Shipping Act, 2001

Canada Shipping Act 2001 - 2007 Entry into Force: What you should know - TP 13813 E - Booklet

Compliance Notices

Transport Canada Marine Safety

Safe Boating Guide

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