longlakelodge.ca Canoes, kayaks, boats, Camping Gear rentals at Long Lake Apsley Ontario Canada
Canoe rentals We have the largest fleet of canoes in the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site
Long Lake, portal and access point to KHSS.
We have a fleet of more than 50 canoes making Long Lake Lodge the largest outfitter in the area
Our rental fleet now includes;
17' 3 seater Near North kevlar canoes

16' Scott & Near North kevlar canoes
Paluski canoes and boats
Scott Elite - Kevlar Canoes at Long Lake
- Water taxi & shuttle service available to portages, other access points or sites on Long or Loucks lake
- Boat launching ramp & dock slips
- New and used canoes and kayaks for sale or rent
- Aluminum boat rentals
- Fully outfitted trips available with advanced reservation
- Camping gear rentals
*Aluminum boat or canoe included with minimum 2 week cottage booking.

Canoe rentals
2017 Canoe rental prices
Canoe rentals 2 paddles, 2 PFDs, 1 safety kit included with each canoe Weighing it at;
16' Scott or Near North kevlar canoe $45.00 per calendar day, rate drops to $35 after the 3rd day, single day rentals are $55 approx. 44 to 51 lbs.
16' Paluski poly canoe $30.00 per calendar day, rate drops to $20 after the 3rd day, single day rentals are $40 approx. 70 lbs.
17' 3 seater Near North kevlar canoe with 36" beam $60 per calendar day, rate drops to $50 after 3rd day, carrying capacity of 950 lbs. single day rentals are $70 approx. 52 pounds.
Single person poly kayak $30 per calendar day, rate drops to $20 after the 3rd day, single day rentals are $40 approximately 50 lbs.
- Delivery & pick up service available within KHPP (east side only) please call ahead to book and for price quote
- 40 liter barrel packs $5.00 per day  ($8.00 per day with harness)
- extra PFD $3.00 per day - extra paddle $3.00 per day
- 2-3 man tent $10.00 per day
- sleeping bags $6.00 per day (min. $20 charge)
Mess kits and stoves also available,
See Camping Gear page for more info...
Store hours (July & August) Mon-Thurs 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Fri 9:00 am- 7:00 pm Sat. 8:30 am- 6:00 pm holiday Mondays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Store hours may vary through April, May, June, Sept & Oct.
17' - 3 seater Near North canoes at approx. 52 lbs.
Near North 3 seater canoe
16' Scott "Elite" Kevlar canoes at approx. 49 lbs.
Ultra light, high tensile strength Dupont kevlar canoes and almost see through
Scott kevlar canoe side view
Scott kevlar canoe top view
Paluski canoes and kayaks
Standard Durable Paluski canoes at approximately 70 lbs.
Kayak at aprox. 50 lbs.
Current stock may vary.
Adirondack canoe
Adirondack canoe
Rascal kayak
Adirondack canoe
Adirondack canoe 2
Rascal kayak
Ripple kayak
Spirit kayak
Wrangler kayak
Ripple kayak
Spirit kayak
Wrangler kayak
Aluminum motorboat rentals

* Aluminum boat or canoe included with 2 week cottage booking

Aluminum boat and motor rentals Aluminum boat rentals
Outboard motor repairs
Marine parts, supplies & outboard motor repairs available on site
outboard motor repairs
boat outboard motor repair
kayak cartop canoe
Cartop carrier kits, canoes, kayaks, boats with foam blocks or even pool noodles and a good rope
canoe cartop kayak

Searched; YouTube Canoe car top carrier kit with foam blocks or even pool noodles

1. Riverside Universal Canoe Carrier Kit by Seattle Sports
The Riverside Universal Canoe Carrier Kit includes 4 non-skid foam blocks, 2 bow/stern straps, 1 center strap, and 4 s-hooks

2. Review of the SportRack Canoe Carrier - etrailer.com
With 4 foam blocks. This also installs on naked roofs with tie downs and S hooks to attach to the ends of the tie downs.

3. Les Stroud - Tips canoe to your vehicle Survivorman's Fans

Purchase foam blocks at WallMart
4. Attwood foam blocks canoe car top carrier kit available at wallmart
Classic knot tying methods like the Truckers Hitch,
Tying the Knot . animatedknots.com
How to; Animated Knots by Grog, hitches
Tying the Knot - Boating
Tying The Knot

Animated Knots by Grog - Tie knots the fun and easy way
Tying the Knot - Fishing
Animated knots by GROG
Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

The numerous lakes and streams make this ideal for canoe enthusiasts exploring nature with a bedrock view, our Google map in satellite mode will display an overview of the entire area enabling you to choose a canoe route of your own on long lake amongst the many lakes and streams in Kawartha Highlands Signature Site.
Clean and deep lake to paddle in a canoe on the lake.
Supporting natural and stocked populations of fish, ie: lake trout rainbow trout as well as large and small mouth bass.

Ontario Parks information
Ontario Parks logo Kawartha Highlands Signature Site / Provincial Park - Long Lake Access Point.

The scenic Kawartha Highlands, encompassing 37,587 hectares, situated along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, this relatively undeveloped area features a rugged rolling landscape of small lakes, wetlands, forests and rocky barrens.
Long Lake is one of the six recommended canoe routes access point throughout the park.
Long Lake access canoe route part
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Kawartha Highlands Signature Site, Long Lake Access Point.
Kawartha Highlands Signature Site / Provincial Park.

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Waterfront beach in Kawartha Highlands, Long Lake beach pics
cottage waterfront beach view
Exposed bare bedrock - Geology Survey
Vast areas of exposed bedrock between palaeozoic limestone bedrock and precambrian granite bedrock
Exposed Bare Bedrock

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Safe Boating
safe boating regulations, tips and checklist
Marine parts, supplies & outboard motor repairs available @ long lake marine motor repairs
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