MoonPhase 3.3 / Solunar fishing calendars

Solunar activity related to best fishing times
Sunrise and sundown needs to be taken in to account for active fishing times
The Farmer's Almanac fishing tips readings are very similar to these Moonphase readings,
There is also the
Farmer's almanac moon phase calendar
New moon
First Quarter
Full moon
3rd Quarter

Time zone - Eastern Standard Time, month / year / day, full moon date, coordinates, sunrise, sunset
Best fishing days highlighted in green
DD. 44.694353, -78.145925
The ORIGINAL MOONPHASE for the following template
Download the original, freeware - Moonphase copyright 2009 Henrik Tingstrom, select Northern Hemisphere here. Download Moonphase 3.3 here
MoonPhase 3.3

What was the moonphase when were born ? http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/moonphases.html
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