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Camping Gear Rentals,
Tents, Sleeping Bags, Self inflating sleeping pad, Back Pack, Barrell Pack, Single burner stove, Double burner stove, Cook set, Complete cook kit, Add single burner stove, Bow Saw, Lanterns.. Please ask.


Canoe, kayak and boat rentals,
Free use of aluminum boat or canoe with minimum 2 week booking
- Canoes.htm

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Coe Hill Agricultural Fair,
The Fair is held on the last weekend of August,
Google map to Fair, Township of Wollaston,
"The Gut" Conservation Area
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Convenience store on site,
enjoy our Country Style convenience store for snacks, ice, tackle, t-shirts / souvenirs...
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Cottage Accommodation
reservations, cottage availability,
cottage booking, contact for trailer sites
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Daily Crossword
Crossword of the day
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Long Lake Cottages and Trailer Park
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Exposed Bare Bedrock
Approximately, 1 billion years old, geological survey,
mineral types, mineral capitol of Canada...
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Fishing tips, fish types, open seasons, limits, species, Fish IDentification chart, MapZone 15, Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, Bedrock Fishing in Long Lake.. - Fishing Tips.htm

Firearms Law Canada, updates,
Max load capacities, rules and regulations
- Canadian Firearms Law

of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread..
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Games & fun page
One & Two Players, Tic Tac Toe xo, Minesweeper, 15 Puzzle, Typing Test, Checkers, Chess, Xylophone, Learn Piano and play Guitar, pinball, pacman, super marios, alien invasion, donkey kong, shooting clay targets, endless..
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Garlic Vs. the Black Fly and Mosquito,
and The Health Benefits of Garlic.
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Hunting in Ontario
Hunter's information and updates
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Index / Homepage
Long Lake Cottages and Trailer Park
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Kawartha region satellite maps,
(KHSS) Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park, MNR maps
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Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park Act,
2003 (KHSSP Act)
- Kawartha.htm

Kawartha Highlands Signature Site
Park Management Plan 2008
- (KHSS_PMP.htm) - (.PDF(KHSS_PMP_2008.pdf ))

Kayaks, canoes and boat rentals,
aluminum boat or canoe with minimum 2 week booking
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Located in a beautiful scenic valley surrounded by high rocky hills overlooking the lake, - Location.htm

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KHSSP Maps, Google Earth, & Satellite view..
KHSSP maps, Kawartha Region, Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park maps,(KHSSP)
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Google map, - Yahoo map, - Bing map, - Mapquest map
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- Kawartha Crown Land use map - Mapquest link - Maps.htm
- Directions.htm from Toronto Ontario to Long Lake, Apsley Ontario
Ontario Parks Maps, (

Marine parts, supplies & outboard motor repairs on site - Outboard Motor Repairs.htm

Mineral types and species of precambrian rock in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park
over 1 billion years old
- Exposed Bare Bedrock.htm

Moonphase, see the original,
Moonphase copyright 2009 Henrik Tingstrom,
Northern Hemisphere
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Ontario Parks - canoes.htm#OntarioParks

Ontario Travel - canoes.htm#OntarioParks

Ontario Resorts and Cottages

Outboard Motor Repairs - Outboard Motor Repairs.htm
Canoe and Kayak rentals - Canoes.htm

Panoramio Views - Long Lake, Apsley ON - Panoramio Views.htm

P. C. L.
Pleasure Craft License
- Form and information
- Attention Boaters
- Pleasure Craft License Application
- P C L.htm

P. C. O. C.
Pleasure Craft Operators Card

- Safe Boating study guide
- Small Vessel regulations
- Mandatory Safety Equipment
- Fines
- Authorized test centre
- P C O C.htm

Gardening, planting dates calculator, calendar,
moonphase and climate zones
- Planting Dates.htm

Professional Cooking for Canadian Chefs 6th edition
Cooking Fish and Shellfish, Baking, Broiling and Grilling, Sauteing and Pan-frying, Deep frying, Poaching and simmering, Steaming and mixed cooking techniques, Seafood served raw...
- Professional Cooking for Canadian Chefs 6th edition (2006)

Radio, Multiband, (Ham Radio), Scanner, Battery-powered, solar powered or wind-up used for police, fire, rescue.. - RadioMultiband.htm

Recreations at Long Lake Cottages and Trailer Park
Fishing, Canoeing, Swimming, Waterskiing, Camping, Horseshoe pits, Hiking, Snowmobiling, Wildlife.
- Recreation.htm

Regions, municipality, Townships, Territory, Canada.
Districts, of Ontario Canada
- Regions of Ontario.htm
Safe Boating Tips
- Pre departure checklist,
- Rules of the road,
- Passport guide Boating and Safety

For Anglers and Hunters
- Canadian Coast Guard incident reporting
- Fines
- Safe Boating.htm

- Safe-Boating-Guide-2011-TP511E.htm

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Summer Sunrise / Sunset times 2015

Sunrise / Sunset time 2016
- Summer Sunset / Sunrise times

Trailer Sites, Camping trailers, Mobile Homes, RV's.
- All trailer sites have water, sewage and electrical hook-up, contact 705-656-4570
- Trailer Park.htm

Travelling to the Kawartha Highlands, Long Lake, Apsley, ON, K0L, Canada - travelinginontario.htm

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Wildlife Issues, OFA, OFAH, MNR.
Wildlife Issues, Basic Concerns, Ontario, KHSSP, Kawartha Highlands, Algonquin, wolf, coyote, moose, deer, ofa, ofah.
- wildlife_issues.htm

Sun seeker
Weather or not ;-)
Apsley Ontario Canada -
Canadian Weather Radar Environment Canada -
Canadian Weather Radar, E C, Ontario -

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park report -

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YouTube links to Long Lake activities
Backcountry Camping Guide by Ontario Parks
Snowmobiling Long Lake Lodge near Apsley ON
3 Day Canoe Trip in KHSS
Backcountry 2011 Kawartha Highlands Long Lake to Cox Lake Canoe Route
Dads first pike Apsley, Ontario (North Kawartha Region)
Canoe Trip in the Kawartha Highlands
Apsley Ontario Winter Carnival 2010 Skijor and 4-dog races
Canadian Moment Loon Call
The Loon Call with Flutes
A Trip Around Southern Kawartha Highlands
- youtubelinkslonglake.htm


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