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The most important survival skill is maintaining a level-headed mental attitude, your state of mind is key to effective assessing your situation and responding properly to the chalenges at hand, numerous studies have documented the devasting impacts of panic-stricken states during survival situations, when panicked, logical decision making can go out the window and persons are known to make irrational choices that often lead to their demise, to maintain an upright attitude we recomend knowing your "survival priorities" and using the "SPEAR" approach

The "Rule of Threes" helps us understand our survival priorities, according to the "Rule of Threes" a human can generally survive for;
- Three hours exposed to the elements
- Three days without water
- Three weeks without food

This shows us that the most important survival priority is shelter from the elements, then water, and lastly food.
The "Rule of Threes" is also supported by the fact that most lost persons from either exposure to the elements (hypothermia) or lack of water (dehydration).
By knowing that the two most pressing survival needs are shelter and water, you are able to focus your energies towards meeting those needs.

The "SPEAR" Approach
Suriving a difficult wilderness situation often requires meeting many challenges and not allowing yourself to become overwhelmed or panicked, to keep your mind and body occupied towards meeting your survival needs, remember the "SPEAR" approach:
Stop, as soon as you know you are lost or in a survival situation,
STOP what your doing.
Plan, organize a plan of action to meet your survival needs and current challenges.
Execute, go to work at implementing your plan such as building a shelter, etc.
Assess &
Re-evaluate, as conditions change and tasks are completed assess and re-evaluate your plan.
The advances in the development of outdoor clothing, equipment, emergency food and techniques have been growing rapidly in recent years.
For those beginners interested in using the outdoors there is unlimited information on wilderness survival skills and equipment available, however, experience is the best teacher in any outdoor situation and your reaction in a wilderness survival situation depends on your education.
Always keep in mind that it can happen to you.
Those who are mentally and physically prepared to survive are more likely to do so.
To deal with an emergency situation one must be able to make decisions, improvise and remain calm.
Fear, for anyone faced with a wilderness emergency survival situation, fear is a normal reaction.
Unless an emergency situation has been anticipated, fear is generally followed by panic then pain, cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, boredom and loneliness.
It is extremely important to calmly assess the situation and not allow these seven enemies to interfere with your survival.
Pain, pain may often be ignored in a panic situation.
Remember to deal with injuries immediately before they become even more serious.
Cold, cold lowers the ability to think, numbing the body and reducing the will to survive. Never allow yourself to stop moving or to fall asleep unless adequately sheltered.
Thirst, dehydration is a common enemy in an emergency situation and must not be ignored. It can dull your mind, causing you to overlook important survival information.
Hunger, hunger is dangerous but seldom deadly. It may reduce your ability to think logically and increase your susceptibility to the effects of cold, pain and fear.
Fatigue - Fatigue is unavoidable in any situation so it is best to keep in mind that it can and will lower your mental ability. Remember that in an emergency situation this is often the bodies way of escaping a difficult situation.
Boredom & Loneliness - These enemies are quite often unanticipated and may lower the mind's ability to deal with the situation.
Scout Guide - Bushcraft
Description page
Select personal clothing and equipment, pack and carry individual clothing and equipment,
Apply the principles of safe toolcraft,
Assemble a survival kit, a light a stove and lantern,
Discuss the principles of outdoor cooking with water procured in the field,
Construct a shelter,
Follow camp routine and discipline in the field,
Discuss natural hazards,
Demonstrate a concern for the environment,
Tie a knot (thumb, figure 8, and reef knots, clove and half hitches),
Light a fire,
Green Star,
Apply field signals and formations,
Employ methods of environmentally safe waste disposal in the field,
Maintain section equipment,
Tie a knot (bowline, Fisherman’s, and square lashing),
Identify bivouac site and all its various components,
Observe hiking techniques,
Prepare for an expedition,
Discuss dangerous animals,
Red Star,
Employ voice procedures,
Discuss survival psychology and strategy,
Predict a change in weather,
Judge a distance,
Silver Star,
Construct an improvised shelter.

Scout Guide - Manitoba - olcss.pdf
The outdoors camping and survival skills - Province of Manitoba
Quality Projects.
Promote and value quality effort.
Promote high quality, safe food production within industry standards.
Table of Contents:
Project Completion Requirements: Introduction, List of Activities, Project Evaluation, Camping Skills, Outdoor Cooking, Winter Survival, Orienteering.

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3600C Datrex Emergency Food Rations, (Case of 10)


Food Rations

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