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Transportation of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread.

Firewood can carry small but harmful hitchhikers that are often hidden in the bark or wood.
A single piece of firewood can destroy millions of trees.
It might seem difficult to imagine, but something as simple as bringing your own firewood when you travel to your favourite campsite could threaten and destroy thousands, even millions of trees.
Transportation of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread as they remain hidden under the bark where you can't see them, these pests are moved accross Canada.
The Emarald Ash borer has killed millions of ash trees in the US and Canada since it was first introduced from Asia.
On it's own, it does not move very far. Help slow its spread to new areas: please do not move infested materials like firewood. Help control the spread of invasive species. Moving firewood to or from certain places can be against the law You could face penalties of up to $50,000.00 and / or prosecution if you move firewood out of an area regulated for a quarantine pests without prior approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
Campers who bring firewood from home may accidentally spread pests that threaten Ontario’s Provincial Parks and the health of our forests.
Please leave your firewood at home.

Asian Long-Horned Beetle Emerald Ash Borer Invasive Asian Lady Beetle
Asian Long-Horned Beetle
Emerald Ash Borer
Asian Beetle(Left) Vs Ladybug(Right)
Asian beetle Vs. Ladybug
Preferred Pest Control

Asian lady beetles use biological weapons against their European relatives

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The Asian long-horned beetle and Emerald ash borer are of particular concern.
They are both recent arrivals to Canada and have no natural controls here.

To prevent the spread of these pests, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued Federal Ministerial Orders that prohibit the movement of specific materials, including firewood and any material made from ash trees, from specific areas of Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA ) is the Government of Canada's science based regulator for animal health, plant protection and food safety. For more information please visit CFIA

Areas Regulated for the Emerald Ash Borer
Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Emerald Ash Borer
To find out if your area is regulated visit the CFIA web site.

Emerald Ash Borer info at Ontario Parks ( MNR )

Invasive insects and disease

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