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7zip extract zip,rar, iso files
Show password ******
Format C : CD dariks boot and nuke
Increase your WiFi speed

Internet I.P. app - Whats my IP address
(Internet Protocol Address) The numeric address of a machine, in the format used on the internet.
Internet Protocol addresses are assigned to a host either anew at the time of booting, or permanently by
fixed configuration of its hardware or software.
Persistent configuration is also known as using a static IP address. In contrast, in situations when the computer's IP address is
assigned newly each time, this is known as using a dynamic IP address.
Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number.
IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods and look something like
You may need to know your IP address for many reasons including gaming, tech support, remote desktop connection, proxy detection
to see if your address has changed, or if you're running your own email server
If you need to run your own email server or web server, it would be best to have a static IP address

IP = Internet Protocal
IP Trace, My IP, IP lookup, Speed test, Blacklist check, Trace email, Change IP, Hide IP, IP tools.
at what is my IP address...

Is your win xp system running a 32 bit or 64 bit system
microsoft will tell...

PDFCreator 1.2.3, create pdf documents, print to .pdf
PDF Creator is a free tool to create PDF files from nearly every application.
* Create PDF files from every application
* Protect your files, i.e. disallow printing
* Full support for WindowsVista and Windows 7
* Available for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
Downloading ...PDFCreator 1.2.3

Download 7Zip For Windows pc free. Download 7Zip for windows 8, 7 and XP, Download 7Zip Compression tool setup of latest version for PC with direct link.
Every one needs a compression utility which can compress files to very small size. This helps while uploading files, emailing attachments etc.
Some times when users get low at space and then want to archive files to small size then you want to download best compression software for PC If yes then stop searching more and Download 7Zip for windows which is free and considered best for Compression operations. 7Zip is alternative of WinRAR.
Zip is very easy to use and compress files to very small size.
Not only this but it also provides very fast compression and extraction, Most of the PC community is already aware of 7Zip, but if you are not familiar then don’t worry. Just download 7Zip for windows and give it a try. I hope you’ll love it.

SHOW PASSWORD ***********
Add on to Firefox
Show/hide passwords by Didier Lafleur
Add a link near password fields to hide or show passwords.
About this extension
Show/hide passwords is a handy and reliable Firefox extension designed to implement a new option just below password fields to show or hide the passwords.
With this extension installed, whenever you're filling a password field, you can easily enable the browser to show it, so you don't type it incorrectly

Show password in google chrome

Darik's boot and nuke; Format C Drive, Copy to CD and boot dos commands,

Table of keyboard shortcuts / Key commands
Basics In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a sequence or combination of keystrokes on a computer keyboard which invokes commands in software.
Some keyboard shortcuts require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one after the other.
Other keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding several keys simultaneously.

To copy web browser link;
Left click or double click on a link in web browser highlights it, right click select copy it is now copied to your clipboard, you can right click to paste in email or other windows.

Copying text;
Control + A = highlight all in window
Control + C = Copy
Control + V = paste
Ctrl + N = New window
Alt + Print screen = copies current window

More in-depth info on wiki

When windows freezes up \ to shut down system or to restart press Ctrl+Alt+Del then press Alt then using the arrow keys move right to ShutDown hit Enter, Arrow down to shut down or restart this will reboot windows.

Using key commands in windows Microsoft office, Word, Excel, Access, Power point, Outlook keyboard shortcuts;

What's running on your system at start up ?
To view the windows start up menu type msconfig or msconfig.exe in search bar or in Run then hit enter,
scroll right to Startup, uncheck what you figure you should, be sure you know what it is you are unchecking, click apply and OK, reboot.

HP printers - printer install
Usual HP printer instalations is missing file: sRGB.icm a colour file, download file here

SiSoftware Sandra / Your computer system analyser
SiSoftware Sandra Lite description
SiSoftware Sandra was designed to be a 32 and 64-bit Windows system analyser that includes benchmarking, testing and listing modules. You can get information about the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, Windows internals, AGP, ODBC Connections, USB2, Firewire etc...
System requirements:
* DirectX 9c/10/10.1 redistributables (x86/AMD64/EM64T/IA64)
* OpenGL 1.5 and later (x86/AMD64/EM64T/IA64)

Advanced system analysis, diagnostic and benchmarking utility that enables you to test the performance of your computer and get hardware information.
SiSoftware Sandra lite

Win XP version,
SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2013 v19.50 Win XP

VisualRoute by VisualWare
Ever wonder where your internet service is actually coming from and how many hops it takes to get to your IP destination.
* Get an instant analysis of your Internet connection performance
* Locate the source of poor network response time (or latency), poor connection quality caused by packet loss, and identify the ISP responsible
* Determine if slow performance is due to your ISP or a problem on the Internet
* VisualRoute Lite Edition is free for home users to test their Internet connectivity
Win XP

Increase your Wi-Fi Speed
Quadruple Your Wi-Fi Speed for Free
A water bottle, a little bit of water and a good shaking of salt(1 teaspoon), shake it up, empty, let dry overnight and place upside down over wifi stick.
This tutorial goes in depth on how to increase your WiFi internet speed by optimizing the wireless signals going into your router antennas.
We will use salt to create a barrier to block the wifi interference, and improve the efficiency of the router.
This will result in much faster uploading and downloading, and just faster internet overall !
YouTube LINK - ThioJoe


How To Increase WiFi Speed 10X With Just A Small Trick - BD i-Tech
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to increase WiFi internet speed 3X!
We're going to amplify the WiFi signal so you can get better internet speeds when it gets to your computer.
It won't increase the WiFi range, only the speed, but it makes a big difference.
NOTE: This method worked for me, It might be different for others.
YouTube LINK

Web Browsers
Mozilla Firefox ( web browser )
The web browser you can trust ( been using for years, it does not let scripts run automatically like internet explorer )
Google Chrome ( web browser )
Web browser by Google,

File Sharing App
uTorrent and BitTorrent and Shareaza

GMail - ( eMail ) from Google
You don't like spam. Neither do we. Gmail blocks spam before it gets to your inbox. Over 7616.879437 MBs of free storage space and tons more to purchase if you need it. Search instantly within Gmail to find the exact message you want. Call any phone in the U.S. and Canada for free and get low rates to other countries. Messages are grouped with the relevant responses - so you can always see messages in context. InboxBeta Automatically separate important email from everything else and focus on what really matters. With just one click, you can chat in Gmail or talk face to face with voice and video chat. Just like bank websites, Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure.

Spybot - Spyware remover ( freeware )
Spybot - Search and Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications.
Spybot 1.2 will remove windows media player registry entries which connect to relay what you are watching, the newer versions will not remove such as per agreement with microsoft. - Spybot 1.2 - minor updates

Spybot - Filehorse -

New Spybot - Safer networking -

Malwarebytes® The Original ( free )
Malwarebytes® The Original / Protect, detect & remove malware remover but will remove good cracks as well.
Malwarebytes anti-malware helps you defeat malware once and for all, Taking the byte out of malware.

Windows malware removal tool
Windows malware removal tool Windows-KB890830-V5.33.exe
Windows 7
Windows XP

Windows XP
Patch Name - Windows-KB890830-V5.33.exe
Patch Description - Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830). Feb 09, 2016
Bulletin Id - MSRT-001
Bulletin Title - The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (890830).
Severity - Moderate
Location Path - Windows-KB890830-V5.33.exe

Metapad ( Notepad )
Metapad / Notepad by Alexander Davidson
Metapad is a small, fast and completely free text editor for Windows (95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7) with similar features to Microsoft Notepad but with many extra (and rather useful) features. It was designed to completely replace Notepad since it includes all of Notepad's features and much, much more such as showing hyperlinks, choose preferred font, etc.
Create a folder in c: program files named Metapad, copy Metapad or Notepad ( same thing ) into Metapad folder created, right click on it, create shortcut to desktop, enjoy.

Dictionary / English and many other languages
English is a West Germanic language that arose in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England and spread into what was to become south-east Scotland under the influence of the Anglian medieval kingdom of Northumbria.

VLC Media Player
Simple, fast and powerful media player.

Plays everything: Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Streams. Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed: MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3, MP4, FLV... Runs on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix... Completely Free, 0 spyware, 0 ads and no user tracking, Can do media conversion and streaming, Play many types of video and movies with this app.
Multi-threaded decoding for H.264, MPEG-4/Xvid and WebM.
Support for 10bits codecs, WMV image and some other codecs.
Rewritten support for images, including jpeg, png, xcf, bmp...
Important changes in RealVideo and Real Format support.
CrystalHD cards and Android OpenMAX support for hardware decoding.
VLC media player, , , &

Sun Microsystems JAVA for Microsoft Windows users
Java may be required to view some items or play games on this website,
To see if you have Java installed at JavaTester bow below
If you don't see the box above 'Java Tester' click here
Sun Java free download at click here

Flash Player
Win Flash
Adobe Flash for Microsoft Windows users
Flash player also may be required to view items or play games on this website,
To see if you have Flash Player at hit FLASH PLAYER ? box bellow
If you don't see the Adobe Flash Player box above click here
To download flash player at click here

JAVA / FLASH Mac o/s
JAVA / Flash - Apple - Mac O/S users
Java for Mac O/S go to to download Java

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Apple / Mac OS users -

Google Earth
Download Google Earth for PC, Mac, or Linux, Zoom from space to street level, tour the world, find maps, driving directions, hotels, restaurants, zoom in to see your backyard...


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